Hanging Christmas Tree Lights Vertically

Monday, October 1st 2018. | Merry Christmas

Attach your light clips, and make sure all the lights are in the same direction. 5. Start from the ground up—use net lights to hang over bushes, use a hanging pole to tackle trees, and wrap around railings, using the clips to secure the lights.

I have been reading up on lots of holiday decorating tips and ideas, and came across an interesting idea that had never occurred to me: HANGING YOUR …
His trick is to hang the lights vertically instead of working in a horizontal spiral. Start by tucking the part of the string that doesn’t have a plug on the top of the tree, he suggests. Now work your way down the branches, weaving a bit in an S formation to create more visual interest than a straight line.

Designer Francesco Bilotto showed Today.com that hanging lights vertically on your Christmas tree is much easier than the traditional way. Simply start by placing the non-plug end of your string lights at the top of the tree and weave the cord down through the tree’s branches.

Divide tree into thirds and string vertically, trunk to tip. How to hang Christmas Tree …. How to Hang Christmas Tree Lights the Stress Free Way. More information …